Jul 21 2016

Crew Management

Crew Management
Our people - our most important asset

Seamar Management is committed to recruiting and developing professional, exceptionally skilled and talented seafarers. More than 350 seafarers are employed on the vessels managed by Seamar. We are extremely proud to be achieving an Officers retention rate of more than 95% at a fleet level, as a result of successful interviewing, recruitment, training & development, appointment and scheduling of qualified and capable seamen who follow our business culture.

Ongoing training and development of shipboard personnel is a top priority for Seamar with seafarer seminars, courses and simulations organised in highly regarded and specialised training centers for their continuous development and performance to the highest standards.

For the service of specific business projects of our clients, we develop and train our own special teams of certified crane drivers, front-end loader drivers, welders, fitters etc as needed, while majority of our fleet Officers are undergoing specialized Ice navigation courses, including Bridge Ice Simulation as well as practical training in world-class Ice navigation Training centers.


Safety starts with us.

Seamar is issuing a monthly newsletter distributed to all crew onboard our fleet.

"The Preventive Newsletter" aims at continuously promoting a safety culture across our fleet and circulating vital information from industry updates, regulations, worldwide safety incidents & precaut ionary measures for continuous focus on safety, & Security precautions amongst the fleet.